Create, energize

your online community

All the management of your community, on a single platform.
Customizable and easy to configure

Regístrate GRATIS, hasta 10 usuarios

More than 30,000 people are already using Vistingo for interaction

Who is Vistingo for?


Generate engagement and tribe pride and turn your community into your best marketing tool.

Associations and Clubs

Create a space for interaction for your partners, encourage participation and networking in a natural way.

Universities and Business Schools

Strengthen your community so that students and alumni can meet, interact and participate in your activities.

Create your community

Your community is your space. Your own place to communicate and share with your followers how much you have in common.

Share exclusive content.

Create events for your community members and invite outsiders.

Define your KPIs and monitor the activity of your users.

Everything in one place: social network, own CRM, messaging, activity agenda, free content, paid training...

Your community is unique.
And so is Vistingo

Your community grows and we grow with you. We are constantly changing to adapt our product to you, and not the other way around.

Vistingo works with independent modules that you can add or remove until it becomes a platform tailored to you.

Marketplace and affiliation

Offer paid training, create a bulletin board and offers, and grow your community through the affiliate program.

Private social network

The living room of your community.

With personal profiles, content walls, surveys, internal messaging, work groups...

Training platform

Share photos, videos and documents securely. With access control and activity reports for each user.


Online classes, webinars, meetings... Generate personalized agendas for each user, with attendance tracking....


Forget manual control of payments and installments. Vistingo updates or removes access rights automatically.

Whatever your community is,
Vistingo is there for you

The number of users does not matter. The value of your community is in the people who make it up.

Create a customized Vistingo in which they can participate and interact as they like and get a community committed and involved in your project.


Create, energize and

monetize your

online community

All the management of your community, on a single platform. For infoproducts, memberships, associations, universities….

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