Do you have an online course or membership?

Turn your followers into your greatest asset

Join the only platform for infoproducers that allows you to manage and monetize your community from a single place.

They already use Vistingo

Training and Memberships

Without fees, without commissions and without the technical limitations of other training platforms.


Organize activities

and events

Everything with attendance control and metrics to know the success and participation of your events.

Organize webinars and masterclasses to get more leads.
Offer group tutoring and one-to-one sessions to your students.
Create personalized agendas for each person based on their interests.

Your own

course marketplace

Your courses, your benefits. Create, host and market your training without sales commissions.

Shopping cart integrated into the platform.
Hotmart integration available.
Product catalog always visible.
Sales links in each course file so that your students can share them and generate more sales with a single click.
Get more sales with upsell, downsell and cross-sell automation.


Share content

How much content do you share through cloud storage providers?

Share documents, images and video easily and securely.
Keep your community always up to date with your own blog within the platform.
Turn users into content creators with a rewards and gamification system.

Energize your community

The most valued thing in online training is always the community.

Offer your students a meeting place where they can learn, interact, collaborate and network with their peers.

Increase engagement and turn your students into authentic ambassadors of your brand.

Personal profiles

Your students are not just a name and a profile photo.

Let them make themselves known with detailed profiles where they can share information about themselves and create connections with like-minded peers.

Your own social network

Without depending on the whims of an external algorithm.

A private social network in which your community can share and comment on news, files, personal publications...


Group the activity or content of your community into thematic or work groups.

You can control access so that they are open groups or restricted access.

Monetize your business

Vistingo is the marketing tool that allows you

get the most out of your courses by reducing

investment and management time.

Sales without commissions

Vistingo centralizes hosting, sales pages and shopping cart so that everything you sell is for you.

Your infoproduct is truly scalable. We don't care one or fifty: there are no commissions.

Membership at various levels

A recommendation is the best sales page. With Vistingo, your students can share affiliate links to your events and products with just one click.

And track leads and commissions in your personal CRM. Maximum motivation.

Do you still want more? You can create your membership system in up to 5 levels.

Payment and access control

Stop giving away your courses and memberships to those who don't pay for them.

Vistingo automatically links access to your products to the payment of your fees and avoid default in your community. Instantly and without manual control.

Reduce spending on tools

Discord, Slack, Hotmart, Zoom… How much do you spend on tools each month?

At Vistingo you have everything you need in one place. One tool, one fee. And since it is tailored to your needs, you only pay for what you use.

A platform that

gives you everything

How many tools do you use in your daily life?

Hotmart, Zoom, Slack, Holded… the list is long, and

using them all can weigh down your budget.

Vistingo gives you everything, at the same time:

Reduce the budget you spend on tools.

Stop paying external commissions for the sale of your courses.

Automatically control payments and access to your training and memberships.

Easily integrate external tools that you want to continue using.



The global solution

for infoproducts

and memberships

Turn your followers into your greatest asset. Host and sell your courses, manage your membership, create your affiliate program...

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