Designed for universities, business schools and non-regulated training

Everything your students and alumni need to keep in touch, interact and learn without limits

Some of our educational communities

Training is just the beginning

A training community is not just a place to learn.

It is the meeting point where students and alumni meet, interact, make contacts and establish lasting relationships.

Improve the quality of learning

sharing content easily.

Encourage participation

and get a community committed to your center.

Create events

Connect your current and past students and bring your school or university to life.



educational content

All the content your students need to learn, organized and always accessible with just one click.

Organize and share notes and resources in open or closed groups.
Facilitates teamwork with editable shared documents.
Record and share your classes so that your students can see them again.

Organize activities


Classes, conferences, work sessions…

Integrate your favorite tool for online sessions: Zoom, Meets, Teams...
Organize group or private interviews and tutorials.
Give your students a space to meet and work as a team.


Invite whoever you want to your educational activities, control attendance and measure participation from your metrics panel.

Give life to your community

Create a meeting place so that teachers and students can interact fluidly, enhancing learning and collaborations.

Networking, job offers and collaboration... Vistingo has many more options to give life to your community. As many as you want to add!

Member Personal Profiles

Each student is more than a username.

In Vistingo you can create complete personal profiles with which make yourself known and create bonds with your colleagues.

A social network for your center

Exclusive for your students and alumni.

So they can interact and share feeling part of a unique community. Wall to share content, personalized agenda, internal messaging...

Activity groups

To share content with your class, to manage projects, thematic groups by interest...

Organize your community activity by teams and bring them to life with internal chats and events exclusively for members.

Design your community

Vistingo continues to grow with new features that we can customize for you.

Tell us what you need and we assemble your customizations to Vistingo.


Boost your

educative community

For universities, business schools and non-regulated training. A platform from which to manage everything.

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